segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

More and more less sensations and emotions?

They are subtracting the sensations our lives.

Last week I went to a workshop under a theme of human resources management in the companies. Among many things were said there, about the use of new technologies as a new way of communication and business promotion. They spoke on the capacity that we have in pass our lives for digital world and make it easier, about the space and accessibility. At some point they had an example about the digital books,  that we can store in the Tablet makes life easier, for read and transportation. I listened carefully everything they said but I turned out in dissonance.

How can I ever deprive myself of the journeys to a bookstore, to defoliate, smell and read a little bit here and there of all books placed on shelves, waiting for me to take hold of one or more story?

The sense of smell of a new book, folding the sheets in the corners, touch and defoliating, possess physically the story can not be inside a gadget. It would be like eating a pomegranate in internet. Lack the peel, smell, taste and devour. It would be like so many things.
I know! There are already in the internet, relationships, shopping, every kind of information. But the book!? The written word that makes us travel and transport often to a tousand places and adventures has to be touched, smelled and embraced.

"The book is a transportable volume composed of bound pages containing printed or handwritten text and / or images and forming a unitary publication .The book is an intellectual product and as such contains knowledge and expressions individual or collective. "

I do not want my books in Tablets. I want my books on paper, with covers designed, folded sheets , read and reread, tidy or untidy, occupying space. The space that gave me pleasure, which gave me experience and gave me knowledge.